Experience Overview

Recent Work

University of Pennsylvania Health System
Experience Design, Innovating the Patient & Employee Experience<a


  • Collaborated with and led small diverse teams including UPHS staff, and Design students on a variety on projects that involved re-imagining services, systems, and processes that affect the experiences of both employees and patients.
  • Utilized a fast paced empathetic approach to understand the needs of various users faced with complexities around access to care, managing expectations, and communication.
  • Iterated and planned the implementation of several new solutions, as well as re-imagined solutions, that support the goals of the University of Pennsylvania Health System.

  • New Kensington Community Development Corp.

    Co-Designing Community Engagement, Empowerment,
    & Collaboration


  • Partnered with NKCDC team to design and test frameworks for building capacity in collaborative community change in a neighborhood of East Kensington, Philadelphia.
  • Utilized secondary research and direct observations to test and iterate on physical tools and frameworks for collaboration with community leaders and the NKCDC team.
  • Successful prototypes have been implemented and scaled beyond the single community of focus to larger NKCDC projects, such as community involvement in the design of a new community space in Philadelphia’s “Big Green Block. the greenest block in Philadelphia”.

  • Liberty Resources Inc.

    The Road to Independence, Information design for improving the experience of persons with disabilities transitioning to
    independent living

  • Worked on collaborative team to identify areas in need of improvement within Liberty Resources, a non-profit that provides services for people with disabilities to live independently in the community.
  • Conducted extensive research on accessibility and disabilities to understand the unique needs of both the organization (over 50% of employees with some disability) and those they provide services for.
  • Conducted staff interviews, shadowing sessions, and observations of “consumers” transitioning from nursing homes to establish empathy, identify opportunities, and develop possible solutions.
  • Developed and tested a suite of tools to communicate and track complex processes around transitioning individuals from nursing facilities into the community.
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